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Filtration/purification/separation stages are critical in biological sciences, pharmaceutics, environmental monitoring, and industrial quality control. That is why it is critical to choose the correct filters to match the aforementioned requirements.

membrane filter supplier


The Right Membrane Filtration

We understand how to supply and assist scientists in selecting the RIGHT filters. Years of filter development, manufacture, and solution delivery have resulted in a wealth of experience. Filter characteristics and properties are handled in detail, and stringent QC and QA standards are followed throughout. 

membrane filter supplier

Our Membrane Filtration

Membrane Filtration System

We as a membrane filter supplier provide comprehensive membrane filtration systems as well as services. Our membrane filters are an all-in-one system built for food testing applications, and they include a slew of innovative features to boost productivity, result dependability, and regulatory compliance.

membrane filter supplier
membrane filtration system

Our Products

Filtration Funnel For Microbiology

As a membrane filter supplier, our sterilised, disposable membrane filter for microbiological testing can help you to optimise your process, save time, and obtain highly reliable microbial enumeration findings. Our funnels provide compliance with international norms by avoiding time-consuming operations such as autoclaving. We ensure to get the best membrane filters for our customers.

membrane filter supplier

Related Products

Rapid Microbial Testing

Reduced time to result in microbiological safety testing is critical for keeping up with rising production demands. Rapid microbiological detection technologies based on fluorescent-based technology allow you to acquire microbiology test results faster, giving you complete leverage and understanding of your production process.

membrane filter supplier
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Empire Bioscience is an authorised supplier in Malaysia. We provide comprehensive membrane filters for a variety of solvents, liquids, and gases, including PES, MCE, Nylon, PVDF, PTFE, PP, CA, Nylon Mesh, and PC, with disc diameters ranging from 13mm to 293mm. If necessary, most membranes can be sterilised. Feel free to contact us now.

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