About Us

Lab Equipment Supplier In Selangor

Empire Bioscience Sdn Bhd is one of the longest-serving lab equipment supplier in Selangor. We have been in the industry for eleven years and have been striving to provide our customers with state of the art lab equipment. Other than lab equipment, we also carry a myriad of food safety testing equipment.

Our Values

Values That Drive Us Forward

Vision: To be the most competitive and productive services provider to our customers.

Mission: Our core competencies in a laboratory setup, microbiology solution, and consultancy advise for Malaysia food & beverage manufacturing market.

Goal: Passionate, strong and responsible team. Dedicated and very focused on driving out the sales to grow the business together.

Value: As a platform to connect in between technology and conventional manufacturing. Facilitate manufacturer save more cost, more convenient and better life. 




Over The Years We Have Partnered With Many Companies


Since our partnership with 3M Food Safety, we have contributed to the quality, safety, and value of our client’s homes.



Since our partnership with 3M Food Safety, we have contributed to the quality, safety, and value of our client’s homes.

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We expanded our services further by partnering with big names like ProGnosis Biotech, Cleaver Scientific, Optimal Hygiene and ESCO Lifesciences group to facilitate our customers’ needs.

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We joined hands with KIRGEN Bioscience Inc., GVS Technology and Joanlab to add on more lab equipment selection for our customers.

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We partnered up with Byonoy GmbH and Chemiz Lab to provide more to bring in with more chemical products and high-quality microplate readers chemiz-logobynoy-logo

Why Choose Us

Best Service Provider In Malaysia


Quality Control

All the equipment distributed by us goes through extensive quality control to make sure that our customers get undamaged equipment.



We provide superior manufacturing technology, low pricing, and great after-sales service for all of our customers.


Quality Equipment

The equipment that we distribute is sourced from either well known international industry players or manufactured in Malaysia.

Meet Our Team

Join Us At Empire Bioscience

Our team is made up of people who are well experienced in the microbiology industry. They are well versed with the equipment and types of services we provide. If you are looking for a lab equipment supplier in Selangor or need further explanation about our products and services, please contact us. 

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