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Lab Equipment Supplier In Malaysia

Empire Biosciense strives to become a one-stop centre for food safety, microbiological analytical equipment and lab equipment supplier in Malaysia.



Microbe Test Solution

Empire Bioscience is a pioneer in microbe test solutions for quality control, offering a full range of services to the food, and bio/pharmaceutical industry. We carry an array of laboratory equipment in Malaysia needed to carry out microbe testing. Furthermore, we are also a well-known lab equipment supplier in Malaysia.


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Design & Build Laboratory

Empire Bioscience also provides laboratory set-up services such as consultations, plans, constructions, lab furniture, and laboratory equipment in Malaysia. We hope that by providing these value-added services, we can improve our client experience because your pleasure is what drives our business.

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Machine Calibration Service

Autoclave machines, 3M Clean-Trace NG3, and 3M Petrifilm Plate Readers are examples of laboratory machines that require annual calibration services. Our respective sales representatives will ensure that the annual calibration services of these devices are completed before the expiration dates. Water baths, ovens, balances, incubators, pH metres, refractometers, thermometers, and other machines are also calibrated on request.


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Training & Consultation

Apart from being a laboratory equipment supplier in Malaysia, we also provide training and consultation services for our customers. We provide additional training and consultation for customers who have purchased laboratory equipment in Malaysia and other types of equipment from us.


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