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Empire Bioscience is a pipette tips supplier in Malaysia. Pipette Tips are autoclavable disposable accessories for taking and distributing liquids with a pipette. Micropipettes are utilised in a variety of laboratories.

pipette tips supplier


Pipette Tip Solutions

The Pipette tips distributed by Empire Bioscience can be used in a research/diagnostic lab to distribute liquids onto well plates for PCR testing. Micropipette tips may also be used by a microbiology laboratory evaluating industrial products to dispense testing products such as paint and caulk.

pipette tips supplier

Types Of Pipette Tip

Pipette Tip

Each tip can carry a different amount of microliters, ranging from 0.01ul (µL) to 5mL. Pipette tips are constructed of moulded plastic and are clear so that the contents may be seen easily. Micropipette tips can be non-sterile or sterile, filtered or unfiltered, and should be free of DNase, RNase, DNA, and pyrogens. 

pipette tips supplier
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Pipette Tips For Labs

Choosing the correct pipette tip is critical to efficiency. As a pipette tips supplier, our universal pipette tips are made to fit a variety of single and multichannel pipettes. Filtered pipette tips are also available to protect against aerosol contamination during precision dispensing. Pipette dispenser tips ensure smooth operation, maximum fluid use, and greater precision. We also have specialist tips available, such as those for repeating pipettors. Now is the time to look for the best tip.

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Quality Pipette Tips

Pipette tips with high quality and purity criteria are required for the most demanding applications. The purity quality of Empire Bioscience’s pipette tips meets the requirements of even biopharmaceutical research. Pipetting results are equally dependent on the pipette and the pipette tip you use.

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We provide various types of pipette tips for our customers. Our tips offer exceptional clarity and flexibility for precise touch-off. We utilise no additives or colours to ensure total purity, and we adhere to strict manufacturing methods to eliminate all external sources of contamination. Feel free to contact us now.

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