• High-brightness LED display screen, clear readout.
  • Solid and durable Aluminum sample weighing pan for easy clean.
  • The double bond design, easy operate.
  • Overload protection, over temperature protection, door lock protection,weighing overload protection and multiple protection measures.
  • Built-in temperature, time and other parameters suitable for various types of sample testing,one-key operation.
  • High-performance halogen heating lamp for heating stable and quick.
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Model  MBA1002 MBA1002a MBA1002b MBA1003
Max Capacity  100g
Measuring accuracy  0.01g 0.005g 0.002g 0.001g
Actual scale dividing value  1mg
Verification scale dividing value  10mg
Moisture test accuracy  ±0.5%  (sample ≥ 2g)
Moisture content determines readability  0.02% ~ 0.1% (sample ≥ 2g)
 Temp control adjustment tolerance ±1℃
 Heating temp set range (60 ~ 160)℃ (adjust based on1℃)
 Heating time set range 0min ~ 99min (adjust based on 1min)
Analysis method   Manual / Timing / Automatic
Display parameters

(9 kinds) 

Sample weight(g) ; Dry weight(g); Heating time(min; sec); Drying temperature;  The end way;  Water loss rate (water content) = (G-g) /G; Drying rate=G/g;  Moisture regain(G-g) /g;   Wet weight rate=G/g
 Moisture content determination range  0% ~ 100%
Dimension   360mm * 215mm * 170mm
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