3M™ Molecular Detection Instrument and Accessory Kit, MDS100

  • Smaller footprint than a standard notebook computer that requires significantly less space than the market leading rapid methods.
  • Robust instrument that is solid state, portable with no need for recalibration, requires minimal maintenance, and provides automatic diagnostics at start up.
  • Powerful software that allows operation of up to four instruments simultaneously from one computer.


Manufacturing Segment 
Carcass Sampling, Cutting & Grinding, Environmental Monitoring, Hang, Packaging & Storage Testing, Post-Chill, Pre-Chill, Raw Milk Reception, Ready-to-cook
Product Type
Test Type 
-Environmental Test
-1/ each


The 3M™ Molecular Detection Instrument comes with a pluggable heater, software, power cord, USB cable and a basic accessory kit.
The basic accessory kit includes a chill block insert, chill block tray, speed loader tray, cap/decap tool – lysis, cap/decap tool – reagent, and empty lysis and reagent trays.

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3M™ Molecular Detection System Full Line Brochure 

3M™ Molecular Detection System Edison Silver Award 

3M™ Molecular Detection System Spec Sheet 

3M™ Molecular Detection System Technology 

3M™ Molecular Detection System User Manual 

3M™ Molecular Detection System Matrix Control 

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