3M™ Microbial Luminescence System MLSII

  • Microplate, 5 injector-dispenser luminometer designed for microbial detection.
  • Results available approximately 48 hours sooner than traditional methods.
  • Reduces stock holding requirements and improves responsiveness to customers.
  • Time saved improves cash flow.
  • Allows quality performance to be tracked over time.

-A rapid microbial detection system using ATP bioluminescence in a microwell based System to detect the presence of microbial ATP in Ultra Heat Treated (UTH) and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) dairy and dairy end products.
-Allows rapid assessment of Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) or Extended Shelf Life (ESL) milk and sterile dairy samples that have already been incubated within their pack. This is a rapid alternative to traditional microbiological assessment of these samples.

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3M Microbial Luminiscense System Brochure (PDF, 671.6KB)

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