ELISA Reader

An ELISA reader analyzes and quantifies the colour changes in the plate’s 12 wells. Spectrophotometry is performed by ELISA readers or microplate readers, which emit a single wavelength of light and quantify the amount of light absorbed and reflected by an object such as a protein. A spectrophotometer is a device that measures ultraviolet and visible light. ELISA plate readers can also detect fluorescence and luminescence. When exposed to light, chemical dyes fluoresce or emit a single hue or wavelength. The amount of a substance is identified and measured by the amount of reflection, absorption, and colour. The ELISA reader is used to measure antibody testing. They worked so well that the machine was repurposed for other applications. Protein and enzyme experiments are performed with them by researchers. They are also utilised for HIV detection and nucleic acid quantification. ELISA plate readers can analyse more samples in less time. An ELISA plate typically measures 96 wells in the same period.

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