Allergen Testing

Food Allergen Test Kit

When our immune system misidentifies particular proteins as pathogens, we get a food allergy. Depending on the product and the intensity of the allergy, the consequences might range from a simple skin rash or mouth irritation to anaphylactic reaction and death. An allergen test kit can produce two kinds of results: qualitative, which merely detects the existence or absence of the allergen, and quantitative, which additionally indicates the allergen concentration. A food allergen test kit is utilised to detect any unexpected immune system reactions to our bodies induced by any food. Soy, peanut, mustard, egg, crustacea, coconut, gliadin, gluten, hazelnut, almond, milk, sesame, gluten, and tree nut are the most common allergens. Food allergies cannot be cured. Avoiding allergic foods is the best strategy to control the illness. Furthermore, a food allergy test technology is currently examined using The Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) method due to technological advancements. It is the most widely used and favoured method for detecting food allergies. By attaching antibodies to the allergen, the ELISA technique detects the allergen protein molecule. Do you need food allergen test kits in Malaysia? Browse our selection of high-quality, cutting-edge allergen test kit available.

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