To help food processing companies streamline complicated labor intensive testing methods, 3M Food Safety introduces the 3M Petrifilm Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plate with a more efficient, all-in-one solution for monitoring lactic acid bacteria levels in food products and manufacturing environments. The plate offers all of the benefits of the award-winning 3M Petrifilm Plates – simplicity, reliability, productivity, and sustainability – while eliminating the need for the costly anaerobic equipment used with traditional methods, the company said.

For the first time, the 3M Petrifilm Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plate combines oxygen-scavenging technology and oxygen-barrier films to create a self-contained anaerobic environment, #M said, adding, Now food processors and testing laboratories can get true, accurate anaerobic results using aerobic incubation conditions, providing enhanced recovery of lactic acid bacteria within 48 hours.

“Food manufacturers are becoming more aware of the impact lactic acid bacteria plays on their products’ quality and shelf life,” said 3M Food Safety Global Marketing Manager John David. "Our hope and belief is that the improved and easier testing process made possible with the 3M Petrifilm Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plate will enable them to more effectively monitor this group of microorganisms and make confident decisions about their product quality, helping to reduce waste, minimize recalls and protect brand reputation.”

3M’s technology can be used to test a wide range of foods and environmental surfaces. The company expects its plate will be especially valuable for manufacturers of meat, fish and poultry products, processed foods, produce, dairy products, and various dressings and sauces. If the test determines lactic acid bacteria levels are unacceptable, companies may want to adjust their processing conditions or intensify cleaning and sanitation.

3M Food Safety is pursuing third-party scientific validations such as AOAC and ISO for its new technology. To order the 3M Petrifilm Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plate, or learn more about it and related products, contact your Empire Bioscience Sdn Bhd local sales representative.

  • Self-contained anaerobic environment enabled by oxygen-scavenging technology and oxygen-barrier films. No gas packs, chambers, or CO? incubators needed.
  • Results in 48 hours of incubation time.
  • Ready-to-use plates eliminates the need for labor intensive media preparation, special diluents and sample pH adjustment.
  • All-in-one method for differentiation of gas-producing colonies without Durham tubes or extra steps.
  • Proven reliability versus MRS and APT agar methods. Can be used to test a broad range of foods and environmental samples.
  • 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plates use 75% less energy, use 79% less water, produce 75% less greenhouse gases and result in 66% less waste (by weight and volume) compared to competitive agar methods.
  • Companies worldwide trust 3M Petrifilm Plates to provide accurate, efficient, consistent results.

The 3M™ Petrifilm™ Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plate is a time-saving, sample-ready plate designed to determine total lactic acid bacteria populations in food and environmental samples.


Introducing the first self-contained anaerobic plates for lactic acid bacteria testing: 3M™ Petrifilm™ Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plates.

Every day, food processors, retailers and consumers are forced to throw out food spoiled with lactic acid bacteria. These normally useful bacteria can cause undesirable changes to ready-to-eat meats and seafood, dressings and sauces, vegetables and many other processed foods. This not only contributes to food waste and costly recalls, but can also damage your brand reputation.

3M science brings you a better way to test for lactic acid bacteria in your food products, raw materials and production environment without the hassle of traditional agar methods – 3M™ Petrifilm™ Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plates. These ready-to-use plates simplify the testing process and give accurate results in less time, helping you reduce waste, minimize recalls and protect your reputation in the marketplace.

Anaerobic made easy.

Now you can get true anaerobic results using standard aerobic incubation conditions. The self-contained anaerobic environment in this plate enhances the recovery of lactic acid bacteria, providing fast, accurate results for effective control of product quality and shelf life.

Fast, accurate testing in just 3 steps:*

  • 1. Inoculate with 1 mL of sample. Simply lift the top film, add the sample, and roll the top film down.
  • 2. Incubate at the appropriate temperature (28°C to 37°C). The space saving design minimizes incubator space requirements.
  • 3. Count the red colonies after 48 hours. The 3M Petrifilm Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plate is able to differentiate between homofermentative (non gas-producing) and heterofermentative (gas-producing) colonies.